Who Must File an Individual Tax Return with Berks EIT?

* Every resident of our member school districts and municipalities - please return to the "Individual Earned Income Tax" page for the list of “Berks EIT School Districts and Municipalities”.

* Residents having earned income. **

* Part-year residents shall file a tax return to declare only their earnings and tax withheld while residing within our taxing jurisdiction. Please see the Proration Worksheet on the back of the individual tax return.



If no income was earned by either Taxpayer or Spouse, a return must be filed indicating the reason for no earned income in the indicator box on the return. The options are Disabled, Deceased, Homemaker, Unemployed, Student, Active Military, or Retired.


Non-taxable income is not reported on the form. Non-taxable income is defined as:
Old age benefits, retirement income, alimony receipts, sickness or disability benefits from insurance, capital gains or losses, active duty military pay or bonuses, income from stocks and trusts, rent from "investment" ownership, death benefits, proceeds from life insurance policies, gifts and bequests, interest, dividends, public assistance, unemployment compensation, Subchapter "S" net profits, gambling winnings, and meals and lodging for employer's convenience.